Friday, October 24, 2014

Cellapuria Luxury Anti-Wrinkle Cream - Scam or Not?

Cellapuria Anti-Wrinkle Cream is supposedly a product that guarantees that it would be the last skin care product that you'll spend money on. However, most people find promises like this too good to be true, so we at RSR decided to review this "wonder supplement" to answer the question, "Is Cellapuria a Scam or Not?"

Just as our previous test, we hired 10 people to test the product out for us. The rules are the same; there is no change in diet or lifestyle on any of the test subjects.

Test Results:
-8 out of 10 gave positive responses that indeed, the cream worked
-1 out of 10 gave a negative response
-1 was neither positive nor negative (no response)

The Verdict:
Cellapuria indeed is not a scam, just like other people suggest. It is a cream that works wonders for cracked, damaged, or even burnt skin. For people that are conscious with their aging skin, this is one cream that could be their fountain of youth.

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