Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Promatrix 7 Review - Scam or Not?

I was walking around a nearby mall and found a supplement that is new to my eyes; Promatrix 7. It wasn't really that noticeable if people weren't lining up to buy it. Just when I was about to purchase my favorite supplement brand, I was a bit curious and decided to give this protein powder a good look.

Considering the price, this protein powder is prone to scrutiny. While other protein powders cost around Php2500-3500 per 5 lbs, Promatrix 7 costs roughly 1,600 Pesos for a 5 pound bag. Though it doesn't come in a tub and is just packed in a resealable bag, it is still a big difference. So, is this a shabby supplement?

Their website comes with a short statement comparing whey protein to Promatrix 7.


Ordinary Whey Protein, though quickly absorbed into the blood stream causing an anabolic effect, their effects are short-lived as the blood amino acid levels of whey only last for a short period of time. PROMATRIX 7 proprietary protein blend contains more of the biologically active protein fractions not found in whey isolates alone and offers a protein combination found to be responsible for short and long-acting anabolic and anti-catabolic properties necessary for growth and repair.

To settle it once and for a while, we decided to give this protein powder a try and here are our observations:

Taste - Other chocolate-flavored protein powders are rich in chocolate flavor, Promatrix 7 tastes a bit like soy milk with a little chocolate.

Price - At 1,600 Pesos, what would you expect? Being a fan of premium supplements, I would hate to say that I personally love it. I never felt weak and my lifts were consistent like before, when I was using a high-end protein powder (which I will probably review soon too).

Protein Content - While it isn't as pure as other protein powders, it is worth it for the price. I can easily chug 2 scoops of Promatrix 7 after I work out at the cost of 1 scoop from other brands. Another big advantage is its slow release; 42 grams of protein could keep you building muscle for 7 hours aside from your whole food meals.

The Verdict

I would personally suggest people to use this supplement if they are on a tight budget. For me, it worked wonders when I took it with Power Pro and Nutratosterone. A good pre-workout and high levels of testosterone could help the proteins in this supplement be absorbed better by the body.

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