Monday, December 8, 2014

iSupp Pure - Scam or Not? Our Honest Review

What is iSupp PURE?
iSupp PURE is high quality, flawless whey protein. Specifically created with no fillers to provide maximum protein absorption to support muscular development and enhance performance.

What We Think About iSupp PURE
All in all, considering the amount of protein per serving, iSupp Pure is a good supplement for people looking to build muscle mass. To maximize results, we highly suggest that this is taken with a pre-workout like Sport Nutrition Power Pro or a testosterone booster like Nutratosterone.  Why you may ask? Protein indeed is an essential building block of your muscles. However, to be able to gain a decent size faster, you must be able to lift heavy to build muscle faster. If you are not in a rush and would just like to rely on protein, BCAAs would be enough to keep you going.

And since Christmas is coming, we would like to give you a few tips on your protein intake.

Tips on Protein Intake

  • Also, if you are a regular protein user, you must be careful on ingesting too much. Just try to eat from 0.6 g/lb- 1.0 g/lb of body weight to ensure that your kidney's stay safe.
  • Just like any other whey protein, iSupp PURE should be taken immediately after your workout, preferably with a simple carbohydrate source. This is the time when your body tends to have an insulin surge and sugar could be your best friend at this point.
  • Do not take whey protein if you have kidney problems. Always consult your dietitian if you are not sure if you have one. This could post potential health risks if you don't.

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