Wednesday, December 10, 2014

T6 Fat Burner - Scam or Not? Our Honest Review

T6 claims to be one of the most powerful fat burners out there. As their ad copies say, it is a new developed fat burning product that produces amazing results.

Here are some benefits that they claim you will get after using T6:

  • It burns fat by thermogenics (heats the body up). It does this to an extreme level so maximum fat burning takes place. 
  • It reduces water retention in the body allowing for a leaner look. Water can also be stored in excess through poor diet and other supplemented products so if you want to look lean T6 Fat Burners are perfect for you. 
  •  The T6 Fat Burner will also reduce you cravings for food by suppressing your appetite. Fewer calories in means more stored calories (fat) have to be used!
  • The T6 fat burner will also kick your metabolism into over-drive so you burn more calories (fat) through the day.

So, how true is it that the T6 Fat Burner is the best fat burner on the market today? We decided to give it a try.

At first, T6 gave me that decent boost when working out without feeling hunger pangs. While on times that I'm on a cut, I usually feel weak and not unable to lift my PRs. I was expecting my lifts to get lower and lower as the weeks go on but it didn't. One downside is I had to move my workouts into morning or at lunchtime to prevent sleeplessness at night. It kinda feels unnatural and I would prefer something else that doesn't give that unusual boost. Before I get addicted to this product, I decided to stop.

In my opinion, Cleanse EFX or Slimgenix is a bit better and feels more natural, but I'd still give T6 a 4 star rating.

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  1. Yeah nowadays there are lots of different fat burner’s products available that also shows wonderful results. But some of these fat burners are not perfect, and shows side effects in long run. So I will suggest to take Green supplements only to reduce weight in very regular and healthy way.